Tomb to the Unknown

The modest graveyard of Killathy, County Cork contains the remains of a late-medieval church but is dominated by the roofless shell of a large mausoleum, its pedimented facade of limestone ashlar featuring rusticated pilasters on either side of a wide arched opening, access to the interior barred by substantial metal gates (and a great deal of vegetation). The cement-rendered sides and rear of the building are completely plain and there is no indication anywhere for whom it might have been constructed, no crest, no name, nothing. Killathy lies mid-point between Castle Hyde, home to generations of the Hyde family, and Convamore, now a ruin but once residence of the Hares, Earls of Listowel: perhaps this mausoleum was erected for one of these families?

*A helpful reader has pointed out that the NIAH proposes the mausoleum was erected by the Jackson family. 

2 comments on “Tomb to the Unknown

  1. Gearóid Ó Broin says:

    NIAH 20903506 has photos from 2006, better condition then ‘This mausoleum of the Jackson family is of a sombre classical design, with interesting features such as the carved limestone voussoirs to the arch and Doric-style columns. These features are clearly the work of skilled craftsmen.’.

  2. Robert Jennings says:

    The Listowels had a fine mausoleum at the Church of Ireland church at Ballyhooley, very near Convamore. I now see it’s recorded in your excellent instagram account in 2017.

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