Rear Window



Back wall of Rush Hill, County Roscommon. Look at the way the sun plays on the patinated surface of the lime plaster rendering. And on the windowsill, that enduring feature of the Irish house: a line of spindly geraniums.
More on Rush Hill soon.

5 comments on “Rear Window

  1. Lucy says:

    Have seen the interior of the house with its fabulous furnishings, full marks to the present owners for restoring it. Lucy

  2. Brian Green says:

    What a credit this is to the people who accomplished this feat, I am a decendent of the Devenish family through my grandmother and my brother and myself hope to see the property in person when I travel to Ireland. this is an important part of our history and it was only in recent weeks that I visited My great great great fathers grave site from 1863 that I will now set about making good for future generations

  3. Diane Farr says:

    I love your work and enjoy reading your blog. Would love to know what the other two “gentlemen’s seats” were! My Morton ancestors lived at Castlenode, in or near Strokestown, but … maddeningly… Google maps can only show me the entrance, with a long, straight drive and nothing visible down it — since they didn’t take their camera vehicle down private drives! So I don’t know if anything remains of the house or not. There were several “named houses” connected with my family that I cannot find images of … Bogwood (Barony of Ballintubber South) Beechwood (location unknown) and Gayfield (eastern shore of Kilglass Lough) are the others in Roscommon. Have you heard of, or seen, any of them? I have to ask-! 🙂

    • Thank you for getting in touch, and for your enquiries. Annoyingly, I drove through Strokestown just the other day so could have made enquiries had I heard from you sooner. In general, I recommend getting in touch with the local library (which is to say the county library for Roscommon) because that is usually the best source of local information and for knowing who might have undertaken research in the immediate area: there are almost always local historians who are best placed to help. I suggest you try this approach since none of the houses you name come up on my immediate radar. But perhaps another reader…

    • The owners of Rush Hill have been in touch to say that they have some information possibly of use/interest to you – so I have sent them the links both to your website and to your blog; all being well, they shall be in touch in due course…

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