Perfection is the Child of Time

Russborough, County Wicklow on a fresh morning earlier this week. Built in the 1740s to the design of Richard Castle, at almost 700 feet it has the longest facade of any house in Ireland, the entirety fronted in granite from a local quarry. Even after some 270 years the stone has kept its crispness, as can be seen in the march of parapet urns, but mellowed through exposure to the elements, bringing Russborough to a perfection only achieved by the passage of sufficient time.

2 comments on “Perfection is the Child of Time

  1. Hello, I think you should add more tags to your work such as design, architecture, history, etc. It will give your interesting posts a wider audience.

    • Thanks, that’s very sound advice and much appreciated.
      Please help spread the word too – we need more people around the world to understand the importance of Ireland’s architectural heritage.
      Best wishes,
      The Irish Aesthete

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