The Bells, the Bells…


No longer in use but still in place: the old servants’ bell box at Fort William, County Waterford. Note that when this was put up the house enjoyed the luxury of no less than three bathrooms between eight bedrooms. Trust me, that’s more than some large Irish houses possess even today.
I shall be writing more about Fort William in a few weeks’ time.

2 comments on “The Bells, the Bells…

  1. Tom says:

    Damn, I read the title as the Belles, the Belles and clicked on it immediately.

    By the time I am finished building I shall have ten bedrooms and twelve bathrooms. But it is a small hotel.

    I love the idea of communications from the bathroom. Ding Ding! ‘You rang Sir?’, ‘Yes, bring me a large pink gin and send up a wench to scrub my back, the new girl, the buxom belle…’

  2. Well, when I write more about Ft William you’ll discover that with at least one of the house’s previous owners your scenario might have been true…

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