Going Head to Head


Ancestral home of the Mcmorrough Kavanaghs, ancient High Kings of Leinster, the present Borris House, County Carlow is an 18th century house incorporating parts of an older castle. Around 1810-20, the father and son team of architects Richard and William Morrison tricked out the building’s exterior in vaguely Tudor-Gothic style. Among the flourishes they added were these sandstone hood moulds above each window, all of them concluding in coroneted heads so as to emphasise the residents’ former royal status.

4 comments on “Going Head to Head

  1. Michael Thompson says:

    I feel certain that not all the waters of the rough rude seas of recent centuries have washed their royal balm entirely away.

  2. Indeed, the present generations of this family are completely charming.

  3. Michael King says:

    I wonder if they and the O’Conors of Connaught are on speaking terms or do they conduct a vendetta that goes back to the famous row between Dermot McMorrough Kavanagh the last King of Leinster and Rory O’Conor the last High King of Ireland…

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