The Comet’s Pulsing Rose


The Mussenden Temple erected in 1785 by Frederick Hervey, Bishop of Derry in memory of a deceased cousin. The temple is located in County Derry, the same part of the world in which poet Seamus Heaney was later born. A craftsman with words rather than with brick or stone, Seamus died yesterday and so this image commemorates his passing from our midst. He will be much missed by all of us fortunate to have known him.

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  1. Laurent says:

    Very grateful to find your handsome reminiscence posted here; I cite it this morning in a recollection of lines from his writings & speaking. I’m also glad he committed some of his works to audiobooks, to have his reading.

  2. Deborah says:

    What a lovely tribute and image.

  3. REMF says:

    As you will learn when you visit Magilligan at the weekend, North Derry and South Derry are like two different planets. Seamus would have been acutely aware of this. I would even venture to suggest that there exist people from North Derry who have never visited South Derry!
    Having been born and lived in North Derry but with roots at the Lough Shore in South Derry, I grew up with the realisation of the complete cultural and geographic tranformation that took place once the Glenshane pass had been crossed.

    Good Luck with my friend the Bishop this weekend- Ihad hoped to be there but can’t make it
    Do go and see his church at Banagher just off the Dungiven to Feeny road. Typical of the picturesque churches that he peppered the counryside with. Not always nessecarily where the churchgoers actually needed a place of worship, but rather wherever he felt it made a contibution to the landscape. he may not actually have belived in God, but he knew beauty when he saw it.

    • Thanks for yours. Actually it was last weekend, and yes I am aware of the differences in character between different parts of the one county (one might say the same thing about Co. Cork – and other areas of Ireland too). I didn’t get to see the church, but did spend a happy hour at Downhill, which was a great pleasure to see at last. I hope to get back up to that part of the country again before too long, so more exploration to follow….

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