Beauty Depends on Size as well as Symmetry*


Springhill, County Derry, a rare example of a 17th century Ulster plantation house, unfortified although it was originally surrounded by a defensive bawn wall. Springhill was built c.1680 for William Conyngham following his marriage to Ann Upton that year when he was required to build for the bride ‘a convenient house of lime and stone, two stories high … with necessary office houses.’ The two single-storey wings were added around 1765 when the facade was also modified to its current seven-bay appearance. Springhill remained in the Conyngham (later Lenox-Conyngham) family until 1957 when it was given to the National Trust. The orderly and symmetrical entrance front contrasts with the building’s irregular rear (note how one wall is faced in slate) the style of which hints at the Conyngham’s Scottish origins.


6 comments on “Beauty Depends on Size as well as Symmetry*

  1. columnist says:

    Your title drew me in! The house would not be out of place in Scotland. The added two single storied wings have almost Dutch gables.

  2. Patrick says:

    Will there be an Irish aesthete book , diary , calendar or anything in the shops this christmas ? Your avid follower ,

  3. Kelly says:

    I would totally love to live in that house! It looks like every imperfection would be perfect!

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