All Aglow


After Monday’s rather dispiriting report on the plight of Dublin’s last Georgian private residence Aldborough House (which generated the greatest traffic yet on this site: thank you to everyone who helped spread the word, if only officialdom would display as much concern), a property which has been taken into state care, with obvious benefits. At Castletown, County Kildare two views of the quadrant leading to the stable wing. Helped by the play of light on warm, ochre-hued render the building looks particularly Italianate here with the influence of Florentine architect Alessandro Galilei, who is deemed responsible for producing the house’s original design in the early 1720s, most apparent.


4 comments on “All Aglow

  1. littleaugury says:

    the color is spectacular! pgt

  2. John Phelan says:

    Aldborough House would be a great site for a new Seanad!, A break with Leinster House would surly be a positive move.

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