A Slim Silhouette


Built on a small island in the river Deel, Askeaton Castle, County Limerick dates from 1199 when built by the Norman settler William de Burgo. It subsequently became a stronghold for the FitzGerald Earls of Desmond but while surviving assault during that family’s rebellions against the English crown in the 16th century the castle was eventually dismantled around 1650 by the regicide Colonel Daniel Axtel when he was crushing opposition to Cromwell’s forces in this part of the country. Even as a ruin, its remains continue to dominate the surrounding landscape.

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  1. Mike says:

    The province of Munster (about a quarter of the country) was ruled from this little pile of stones. I know it well and the Franciscan Friary in the town is also a notable feature. Thank you for this memory.

    • Thank you for your comment. Yes, it is extraordinary how powerful once was Askeaton. Also extraordinary that the castle has been closed and undergoing restoration for years – which can hardly be helpful in generating interest or visitors to the area…

      • penelopebianchi says:

        I know about this! I live in California; I love Ireland (I am 1/4 Irish; and quite proud of it!!)

        Why is this???
        Sybil Connolly did so much for Ireland….for its textiles; (her fashions are still lovely and collectible here in the US (I wear my mother’s clothes made for my mother in the early 60’s! Beautiful!!)

        Why is Ireland not restoring and promoting its incredible beauty? And is there another designer who can promote the tweeds….crocheted lace; and beautiful linen??? Crystal, porcelain……all of it!

        Ireland is the origin of so many hand-crafted; hand-woven, hand crocheted (the most beautiful lace I have ever found anywhere!



  2. Once upon a time, when I went foxhunting in Ireland with the Limerick Hounds, we met here in Askeaton. I walked my horse in among the ruins as I waited for the hunt to move off. My father’s home is Riddlestown, so I know rather Askeaton well!

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