A Little Gem

The main house may have gone at Loughcrew, County Meath (eventually demolished in 1968 after suffering three fires over the previous 100 years) but the lodge remains. Designed in the early 1820s by Charles Cockerell it boldly stands on the opposite side of the road from the estate entrance gates. Of limestone and in pure Greek Doric style, the lodge is probably more attractive than was ever the house, the latter described by its own architect as ‘very plain, too bald.’

5 comments on “A Little Gem

  1. Stephen Barker says:

    It looks perfect.

  2. Sine nomine says:

    A masterpiece in miniature, to be enjoyed by all who pass by on its prominent roadside location. It has, appropriately, been adopted by the National Inventory of Architectural Heritage as their pictorial choice for their landing page.

  3. Sine nomine says:

    I was curious as to why this building is posted under ‘Architectural Horror’? Surely Architectural Splendor!

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