An Incomplete Project

Dublin print

A view from Carlisle (now O’Connell) Bridge looking south. This was one of twelve topographical images of the city executed in watercolour and pencil by Samuel Brocas and then engraved by his brother Henry between 1818 and 1829. The caption reads ‘Published July 1st, 1820, by J. Le Petit, Printseller,  20 Capel Street, and Bell and Wright, Duke Street, Bloomsbury, London.’ The print was to be part of an intended Book of Views of Ireland which never materialised, probably due to lack of sufficient support but it gives us a wonderful idea of how Dublin looked two centuries ago, and how successful had been the work of the Wide Street Commissioners. Imagine a similar view taken today, and how little of the coherence of design and intelligence of layout visible here still remains.


2 comments on “An Incomplete Project

  1. Helen Kehoe says:

    lovely view then – now the visual sense is assaulted by the worst building in Dublin i.e O’Connell Bridge House (and Hawkins House!) It is depressing to think about the loss of the wonderful buildings these ugly out of scale monstrosities replaced!

  2. decdun says:

    Superb image. Amazing how beautiful and well planned these new street and boulevards were. More amazing is how we managed to wreck them all in the name of modernity and improvement in the second half of the 20th century.

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