Market Day

The former Market House in Killucan, County Westmeath. Dating from the late 1830s it was seemingly built by local stonemason Thomas Keegan. An architect called Patrick Keegan, listed as living in Dublin in the early 1820s, designed a gothick game larder for Knockdrin Castle which is not far from Killucan: might the two men have been members of the same family? In any case, the old Market House is today a sorry sight, despite occupying the most prominent position in the centre of this town and being sturdily constructed of dressed limestone on the ground floor with the remnants of a clock at the top of the pedimented breakfront centre bay. How to ensure the future of a place like Killucan: begin by restoring its historic core and bringing new purpose to old buildings.


4 comments on “Market Day

  1. dylan says:

    that place is begging to be fixed up , would make for great artisan workshops or something like that. such a shame these places are being left to go to shite!

  2. jockok says:

    Greetings from Oz…
    I have found this little item when investigating connection between a Michael Gallagher, who came to Australia, after working at Levington Park for many years. He & his wife bought with them an (orphaned/rejected) young lass by the name of Mary Keagan (AKA Keagan/Caigon) – who was meant to be the daughter of Patrick Keegan and Mary Dease. The Deases were supposedly owners of Levington Park – after the Levinge family.

    I haven’t fully investigated your wonderful site, but wondered it you might pass on any knowledge of that home/estate, or a direction for a more comprehensive history. Michael Gallagher, though thought to be from IrishTown, was also suggested to have hailed from Killucan(?).
    Thanks for listening.

    Cheers from here – Jock O’Keefe

    PS – Will be visting Ireland & that local area in September, 2016. Ta!

    • Thank you for getting in touch. You can read something more about Levington Park in a book I wrote a few years ago, called Romantic Irish Homes, which is still available I believe. I hope you enjoy your visit to this country next month and discover more: the county library in Mullingar would be a good place to start for further research.

      • jockok says:

        Thanks so much for the reply… I have certainly booked a day to have a look at info at the library, but not too long indoors. That area looks delightful.
        Many thanks

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