Off the Cuffe

The remnants of Castlecuffe, County Laois its height exaggerated by distinctive Jacobean chimney stacks. The house was built in the early years of the 17th century by Sir Charles Coote, perhaps around 1610 to mark his marriage to Dorothea Cuffe from whom the property takes its name. The land on which Castlecuffe stands had previously belonged to the O’Dunnes and in the Confederate Wars of the 1640s it came under attack and was so badly damaged as to be rendered uninhabitable. The Cootes, on the other hand, thrived and diverse branches of the family established their presence around the country, as can still be seen in the fine houses still extant at Ballyfin, County Laois and Bellamont Forest, County Cavan.


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  2. Very romantic. As in Romantic-literature…

  3. There is an old photo in O’Hanlon’s History of the Queen’s County. A little more fabric was in evidence in the late 19th Century; a few lintels, but not much more. Dr. Rolf Loeber is working on a reconstruction. The gables feature alternate semicircles and triangles and there is an indication of render with false ashar inscribed theron.

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    Is this near ballyfin ? Thanks

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