A Generous Welcome to the World

The generous proportions of the front door in the entrance hall at Ballymacmoy, County Cork. Since the early 18th century the house has been home to successive generations of Hennessys, one of whom Richard emigrated to France where he became an officer in the famous Dillon’s Regiment before settling in the Cognac region and founding the eponymous family firm. The present building dates from the second decade of the 19th century, replacing an older property when its excessively heavy slates caused the roof to collapse, killing a pig and a goose, and injuring a beggar who unfortunately happened just then to call to the door.

8 comments on “A Generous Welcome to the World

  1. Roger Green says:

    That has to be the most perfectly-proportioned doorway I have ever seen …. it’s staggeringly beautiful.

  2. Aine Mullins says:

    Any idea what the dimensions are? We hope to start a new build in the spring and we are very lucky to have a generous entrance hall like this but I have myself tormented about getting the proportions correct!

    • Thank you for getting in touch: I don’t know the dimensions but next time I am in the house I shall try to remember to take a note of them…

    • Michael O'Shea says:

      Hi Aine . We made this door case .I should be able to assist with the size/proportions.

    • Frederic Hennessy says:

      The hall is 3 m wide,the case is 2,50 m wide,the door is 2,165m high plus the frame 0,135m and the glass part is 0,65m high and it has been very well restored indeed like the rest of the house by Michael O’Shea from Cork.You are welcome to come and see and I thank you for your nice words.I’m sorry for being so late giving you these informations but I hope that your house is now fully refurbished!

  3. Hello Im wondering if you have ever written anything on ‘Swifts Heath’ please?

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