On Guard

The ferociously-protected entrance of Freame Mount, County Monaghan. This charming red-brick house dates from 1772 when built by Charles Mayne, agent for the nearby Dawson estate at Dartrey: its name derives from Philadelphia Freame, granddaughter of William Penn and second wife of Thomas Dawson, first Lord Dartrey. A flight of steps leads to the cut limestone tripartite door, the latter’s proportions somewhat too short so that more space than is customary has been given to the gothick fanlight.

5 comments on “On Guard

  1. Linda Little says:

    Mr D’arcy looking handsome.

  2. Justin Caldwell says:

    This wonderful photograph has brightened a dark rainy February day in New York for several of us.
    Does Mr. (Ms.?) Ferocity have a name?

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