For the Day That’s In It

In the grounds of Down Cathedral on the Hill of Down is this slab of Mourne granite believed to mark the spot where St Patrick was brought for burial following his death on this day in either 461AD or perhaps in 493; there appears to be no universal agreement on the year. The Irish Aesthete wishes all friends and followers a happy St Patrick’s Day.

4 comments on “For the Day That’s In It

  1. loyebuck says:

    And to you! Thanks for all your work on this site. I really enjoy it.

    Loye Buck Madison, Alabama >

  2. Elizabeth Printy says:

    Happy St. Patrick’s Day! May God bless you and your work for the good of all of Ireland.

    Elizabeth Printy
    County Lincoln, Maine

  3. Liam Fitzsimons says:

    Actually the stone was placed here in the early 20th century to replace a cross claiming to be the site of the saints grave which was originally erected as a prank. Most likely place for the 3 saints to have been interred was under the high altar in the Benedictine abbey, sadly now gone.

    • Thank you for your contribution. I am of course aware there is some dispute over where in Downpatrick – if indeed there at all – St Patrick was interred, hence my use of the word ‘believed’…

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