Down with Mrs Delany

In June 1743 Mary Pendarves (née Granville) married as her second husband the Anglican clergyman Dr Patrick Delany who a year later was made Dean of Down. As a result, although the couple’s main residence was at Delville on the outskirts of Dublin, they often spent time in the Dean’s diocese there occupying a house not far from Downpatrick with the distinctive name of Mount Panther. Much embellished after its acquisition by the future first Earl Annesley in 1770, for two centuries Mount Panther was judged one of the finest properties in County Down with especially fine plasterwork in the ballroom and drawing rooms. It survived until the 1960s but is now a ruin. However, a few souvenirs of Mount Panther have been incorporated into a house in neighbouring County Antrim including these curved doorcases and doors which were a feature of the staircase hall. Also rescued from Mount Panther were the neo-classical plasterwork wall decorations which incorporate a variety of motifs including the head of a big cat, although it looks more like that of a lion than a panther.


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  1. richard says:

    love these pics but it baffles me that people think it ok to trespass and take these photos the owner of mountpanther and nobody asked to take these , passed as stickily no admission sign and trespass to get these pics….criminals

    • Thank you for your message. I took these pictures with permission, having asked the occupant of the adjacent bungalow if I might do so. I was told that was fine provided I did not enter the actual building (which instruction I obeyed).

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