An Uncertain Future

The ubiquity of older buildings in Irish towns and villages suffering from insufficient maintenance. Here two fine houses, both probably early 19th century, in Greyabbey, County Down. Above is 88-90 Main Street, below 2 Church Street, the latter closing the long vista down Main Street and therefore sited at a critical point in the village. Both excellent properties that once held commercial premises, both now looking as though facing an uncertain future.


5 comments on “An Uncertain Future

  1. Peter says:

    The one on Main Street looks as though it has its original shop front judging by the trim on the window frames.

    • Thanks, yes indeed that’s what strikes me every time I pass the building…

    • Ezme says:

      These two buildings in Main street and Church Street in the beautiful village of Greyabbey are owned by people that originate from England (I’m pretty sure) & for many, many years seem to be bringing our lovely, quaint village down, especially when lots of coach loads of visitors travel to see our old Abbey at the top of the Main Street, and have to pass these two Very Dirty, Ugly Houses!!
      Wishing one day there will be some kind of vast improvement to what’s a complete eye sore, for local residents, having to look at such filth, on a daily basis.

  2. Hazel Prescott says:

    We often stay in Portaferry and know these two buildings well. We check on their condition whenever we return. Why is there such disregard for these little bits of history ? Who owns these buildings ? Someone with neither sentiment nor taste, we fully expect to find them demolished to make way for an apartment block. Either that or crumbling into oblivion. So very sad.

  3. William WIckens says:

    My grandfather lived in 88 Main Street until 1968, when he retired. The lady who bought it in 1968 still lives there! It was built in 1845, and my great-grandfather bought it in 1928.

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