Situated in a Widely Extended Demesne

‘Through hills at the foot of Bessy Bell …we come to Baronscourt, Lord Abercorn’s magnificent seat….the great number of fine oaks and three long narrow lakes which ornament this place give it an air of great grandeur.’
Rev. Daniel Beaufort (1786)

‘In the vicinity is Baronscourt, the seat of the Marquess of Abercorn, a stately mansion, situated in a widely extended demesne, combining much romantic and beautiful scenery, embellished with three spacious lakes, and enriched with fine timber.’
Samuel Lewis (1837)



3 comments on “Situated in a Widely Extended Demesne

  1. Tim Guilbride says:

    The David Hicks rooms at Baronscourt are as fresh and relevant today as they were when first created, and some of the most interesting 20th century interiors in Ireland. Hicks’ inspired mix of high-quality modern pieces with museum-quality antiques, and his exciting colour-palette, are a great source of inspiration for owners of traditional houses who don’t want to live in the past.

  2. Sine nomine says:

    Or cold, damp basements! (re kitchen arrangements at Baronscourt)

  3. The Prof says:

    ‘A wildely extended demesne’……….and not a Land Rover in site!

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