Glory be to God for Dappled Things

On the eastern side of Library Square runs the oldest extant range of buildings within the walls of Trinity College, Dublin. Dating from c.1700, the Rubrics was once matched by similar blocks to the west and north (the south side is taken up by Thomas Burgh’s Great Library, on which work began in 1712). The other sides have long since been either cleared or replaced, but the Rubrics remains, albeit somewhat truncated and with new brick facing added in the late 19th century. Nevertheless, it provides an impression of how the college must have appeared during the early Georgian period.


5 comments on “Glory be to God for Dappled Things

  1. Ian says:

    I like the simple elegance. But why the name? is it because of the red brick?

  2. Jean McClung says:

    Where does the phrase “Glory be to God for Dappled Things” come from?

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