The Tiger Awakes

On the gates of Cranmore House in Ballinrobe, County Mayo hangs a planning application notice which proposes the construction here of a three-storey retail and residential block, a second three-storey block to be used as an old persons’ home, seven houses, a terrace featuring that strange new form of accommodation, the ‘townhouse’ and, adjacent to the existing structure, a new 46-bedroom hotel with the inevitable function rooms, bars, gym and swimming pool. Cranmore House was built in 1838 by Alexander Clendenning Lambert, agent for the Knox family to whom the property subsequently reverted. They remained in occupation until the 1920s after which the house passed through a couple of hands before being unroofed in the 1950s, in which condition it remains to the present. The predominantly greenfield nature of site makes it attractive to developers, although the proposal seems both unfortunate and unnecessary when so much of Ballinrobe immediately outside the gates could do with refurbishment, including many existing ‘townhouses.’


5 comments on “The Tiger Awakes

  1. theupsew says:

    thoughtful comment about ballinrobe, a lovely town but so vacant looking these days

  2. Mary Scanlon says:

    It is such a shame to think, this piece of our heritage and history would be destroyed.

  3. Bizarre, considering as you so rightly say Ballinrobe town itself has so many beautiful buildings in rag order. I quite like the town and they appear to try and really pull their heritage routes together but the town really needs a lot of investment.

  4. Upon further investigation this weekend and an ask around, the house is not being destroyed, but incorporated and rebuilt within the hotel and used. Planning permission has gone back this past week and asked for more information about plans. I’ll do my best to attend. It is desperately needed and the locals say that because of the lack of hotel space/venue there has not been a wedding party in Ballinrobe for 30 years. Whilst I think that there are other buildings in Ballinrobe that could be restored, it will be a slow process.

  5. Finola says:

    So sad to see the condition of Ballinrobe town. The Harry Clarke’s in the church alone are a worth a visit, but no place to even sit over a coffee.

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