Let’s Go On

And so 2016 draws to its close, a year which for many people around the world has been so crowded with shock one suspects its departure will not be much mourned. But like Barthelemy Cramillion’s mid-18th century stucco bird (originally in Mespil House, now in Dublin Castle, for more see Head in the Clouds, March 2016) we must try to soar above our present circumstances and hope the future will bring better times. And like the elephant below in the entrance hall of Huntington Castle, County Carlow, we can do our best to move forward slowly and steadily. To paraphrase Samuel Beckett: Well, shall we go on? Yes, let’s go on.

The Irish Aesthete wishes a very Happy New Year to all friends and followers.

5 comments on “Let’s Go On

  1. Peter Davidson says:

    Admirable sentiments! Happy New Year!

  2. Larry says:

    Happy new year and thanks for all your work. I find your site both enjoyable and informative.

  3. Excellent advice. But then The Irish Aesthete always strikes the right note.

    Happy New Year to my favourite blog. And many thanks for all the great posts of the year past!

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