Wide is the Gate, and Broad is the Way…

The main entrance to Portora Royal School, Enniskillen, County Fermanagh. Originally founded by royal charter in 1618 but not moving to its present site until 1778, this educational establishment numbers among its alumni (‘Old Portorans’) both Oscar Wilde and Samuel Beckett. Neither writer would have passed through these gates however, since they were only moved to this site more recently. The paired Corinthian columns originally formed part of the bow-fronted portico to Innismore Hall, a nearby house dating from the 1840s. Following its demolition in the 1950s the columns were moved here and incorporated into a newly-formed gatescreen.


3 comments on “Wide is the Gate, and Broad is the Way…

  1. Josephine Ryan says:

    Thank you for yet another enjoyable little ditty. I have sincere admiration of your prolific output & often wonder how much sleep you get or maybe like first & second-class post you have a special tariff for night time delivery. Either way, bon continuation and bon année Mr O’ Byrne

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    • Thank you for getting in touch – and for your kind observations, always appreciated. Actually I have the advantage of being sufficiently organised that material is written and posted in advance with the time for release scheduled, thereby allowing me to get enough sleep!

  2. ian says:

    i was born in that house at the gate in 1937

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