Another Sibling


Following a recent note on two remarkably similar staircases, one in County Tipperary, the other in County Westmeath (see The Missing Twin, December 28th 2016), here is a third which has featured here before but is worth showing again as it might be deemed to belong to the same family. The stairs belong to the Red House, Youghal, County Cork, built in the first decade of the 18th century for the wealthy Uniacke family: the design has been attributed to a Dutch architect called Leuventhen. Whereas the other two examples have balusters fluted in the upper section and with barley-sugar twists in the lower, here these designs alternate. But otherwise the work has much in common, not least the Corinthian columns on each return and, on the gallery, a richly worked apron. There is more work to be done…


4 comments on “Another Sibling

  1. cuffesboro says:

    Let us escalate the family with the Damer House staircase!

    • Indeed, I know it so well (having lived in the house and gone up/down those stairs every day). It is interesting to discover there are other such staircases in Ireland, lesser known but well worth preserving and cherishing…

  2. Tim Guilbride says:

    How lovely to see graining again, in the right context. Nothing hides the ravages of time so well.

  3. That is such stunning craftsmanship.

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