Back in Business

After being closed for several years, the Ormond Castle in Carrick-on-Suir, County Tipperary reopened to the public last weekend. The building is notable for being the best-preserved unfortified 16th century house in the country, although it benefitted from the protection of a twin-towered 15th century castle to the immediate rear. The later section dates from the 1560s when it was built for Thomas, tenth Earl of Ormond who had been raised in the English court and was related to Elizabeth I through her mother, Anne Boleyn. On his return to Ireland, Lord Ormond imported the manor house style with which he had become familiar during his youth. The most immediately striking feature of the latest renovation programme is that the exterior of the Tudor building has been rendered, as was originally the case.

4 comments on “Back in Business

  1. Lyndsay says:

    This is stunning.

  2. JOE VSNEK says:

    Thank-you for the tip off Robert. I was at the Junction Festival in Clonmel yesterday catching up on Michael Keegan Dolan’s Swan Lake – and made a detour en route home. It is wonderful and the plasterwork truly amazing. Alas no photographs allowed. Also counted 3 tower houses on the drive from Clonmel to Carrick on Suir. I must visit Tipp more often. Still enjoying the site – the ruins would seem to outweigh the splendours.

    • Dear Joe,
      Glad you enjoyed: the issue of internal photographs is a bit of a bore (but one we shall overcome in due course…). Meanwhile yes, as you know in this country the ruins do tend to outweigh the splendours: it was ever thus.

  3. Vincent Coleman says:

    That is a stunning building Robert, and so unusual in Ireland. I’d love to see the inside…I bet you could swing it!

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