Autumn Hues

A moment when the Virginia Creeper perfectly matches the colour of the door: the façade of Ardbraccan, County Meath. Dating from the late 1760s the building has a complex history, since Henry Maxwell, Bishop of Meath commissioned designs from three architects: James Wyatt, Thomas Cooley and Daniel Beaufort, the last of these also being a local Anglican clergyman. In the end the façade reflects elements of all their proposals, although it is closest to that of Wyatt.

7 comments on “Autumn Hues

  1. lawrieweed says:

    really beautiful and a wonderful house – Next time show the whole facade and its setting

  2. Sabell says:

    I love the spiderweb stained glass arch above the doorway; beautiful Autumn!

  3. Sine nomine says:

    Beaufort, as well as an amateur architect was inclined towards cartography & is celebrated for his map of Ireland dating from 1792. He was a founding member of the royal Irish academy.

  4. Sine nomine says:

    In the words of French philosopher Albert Camus ‘ Autumn is a second spring when every leaf is a flower’. I think this encapsulates ‘Autumn Hues’.

  5. clmedi says:

    Hi, Beautiful place. Is it open to the public?

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