Home to the Waltons

The façade of Walton Court, County Cork. Overlooking Oysterhaven harbor, the house is believed to occupy the site of an earlier tower house constructed by the Roche family. In 1643 land in this area was acquired by Captain Swithin Walton, and it was his descendant Thomas Walton who built Walton Court: on a stone in the pediment are his initials and the date 1776. In the 19th century the property passed by marriage to another local family, the Roberts: it now provides accommodation and food to paying guests. The land in front of Walton Court descends to the water and then looks across the estuary to Newborough House which has recently been restored.

3 comments on “Home to the Waltons

  1. teresastokes says:

    When I first saw the second photo I thought ‘Those are unusual and interesting statutes, each lion has a cat on his head,’ until I realised it was a trick of the perspective!

  2. Sine nomine says:

    Wonderful to glimpse Newborough across the bay wearing its new render so well. Surely a recentes triumphi in Cork country house restoration.

  3. lawrieweed says:

    I love those shaggy lions. Maybe a future post on Statutues on the grounds and gardens of your
    favorite demesnes

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