Ashes to Ashes

Old tombstones embedded into the external walls of St Macartin’s Cathedral, Enniskillen, County Fermanagh. A stone plaque over the building’s main entrance carries the date 1637, when the original church on this site was built. However in 1832 the old structure was deemed unsafe and so a new one erected on the site, with work finishing a decade later: originally a parish church, it was rededicated as a cathedral in 1923. These older stones were presumably rescued during the 19th century rebuild and then set into the wall.

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  1. Hibernophile says:

    The Church of Ireland Diocese of Clogher is one of those interesting anomalies, whereby it has two Cathedrals, both dedicated to the same Saint: Macartin. The distinguishing feature is they have adopted different spellings of the Saints name. Enniskillen, featured above is ‘MARCARTIN’ while Clogher Cathedral is ‘MARCARTAN’. In the interest of democracy the Bishop resides neither at Enniskillen or Clogher, but in Fivemiletown.

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