Natural Artifice

The rustic grotto in the grounds of Tullynally, County Westmeath. This little pavilion was one of the additions made to the castle’s gardens in the 1780s by Edward Pakenham, second Baron Longford: at that time the estate’s formally designed grounds were swept away in favour of something more ‘natural’ and romantic. Situated on a high site the grotto looks south-west towards Lough Derravaragh whence came the limestone from which its facade is constructed. The octagonal interior has a brick-lined roof which, like the walls beneath would originally have been rendered: the gothic seating is a recent addition.

5 comments on “Natural Artifice

  1. Susan Burke says:

    I love this!! Went to see it (and Tom!) two years ago with David.

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  2. Deborah Sena says:

    I went here this past fall as well. My grandmother’s family lived in the area (Streamstown/Knockeyon and Newcastle) and a great aunt married a possibly very distantly related Pakenham in nearby Clonrobert. Having bought and read Trees and Big House, had to be on my see list. Too bad I missed the last ‘downstairs’ tour by a week (and the US Irish Georgian Society private tour by a year)! I was told by B & B host in Streamstown, that the Earl can see Knockeyon Hill from his bedroom.

  3. Tom Crane says:

    What a treasure.

  4. jenjunebug says:

    oops, I think the heiress wife Catherine Cuffe was wife of the 1st Baron.

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