Well Hung

The slate-hung exterior of Drishane, County Cork. Facing due south out to sea (hence the protective slates), the house was built c.1780 for Thomas Somerville and has remained home to successive generations of the same family – including author Edith Somerville – ever since. Drishane will feature in the latest series of Lords & Ladles (in which the Irish Aesthete intermittently has a walk-on – or rather sit down – role) beginning on RTE One television this Sunday, June 10th.

2 comments on “Well Hung

  1. Marti B. Sullivan says:

    When do I get my autographed 8×10 glossy?

  2. The Prof says:

    Robert, the titles you ascribe to your posts are utterly inventive and, as today shows, highly amusing.

    I am very much looking forward to the latest series of L & L. It showcases some very interesting houses, and their even more interesting owners!

    Some of the food produced is rather robust fayre, and in fairly colossal quantities; one wonders how you remain so lithe? I often find when presented with such indigestible cuisine the best thing is to follow it with a Gaviscon chaser!

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