At a Crossroads

On the cusp of dereliction: a two-storey, three bay house of coursed rubble limestone at Glencara Crossroads, County Westmeath. Likely dating from the early to mid-19th century, the building is close to Glencara House and may have been associated with that estate, perhaps built for an agent or worker there. Glencara House was constructed c.1824 for the Kelly family to the designs of an unknown architect but alterations were made around 1840 (attributed to J.B. Keane). These included the addition of canted bays, not unlike the clearly added to this little two-storey property, although this is somewhat less sophisticated: note how the entrance and window above are slightly off-centre. Unfortunately the househas stood empty and neglected for a number of years and, like the location, its future is now at a crossroads.

6 comments on “At a Crossroads

  1. Julian Humphreys says:

    No comments yet but this posting has not gone unappreciated (as has the house seemingly)
    It is baffling why no one is living in it and loving it.

  2. Tania Mullen says:

    Lovely, I wish I could save it.

  3. Pat Stanton says:

    My father Patrick Moffatt was born here in 1912. Two of his brothers Micky and Bill lived all their life in the house. My sister and I last visited in 2012. It is very sad to see it in this poor state.
    Pat & Angela

  4. Angela Moffatt says:

    My Grandparents William and Bridgett Moffatt lived in this house along with their 7 children, one being my father Patrick Moffatt, how I wish it could be saved .

  5. Tanya cullen says:

    Does anyone know who owns this house now?

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