Hard to Miss

The Browne-Clayton Column stands on a rise in the middle of the Wexford countryside. Modelled on Pompey’s Pillar, erected by the Emperor Diocletian in Alexandria, Egypt in 297, the column climbs 94 feet to a fine Corinthian capital, the whole constructed of Mount Leinster granite. It was built on the instructions of General Robert Browne-Clayton in memory of Sir Ralph Abercrombie, his commanding officer in Egypt during the Napoleonic Wars: Sir Ralph was killed at Alexandria in 1801. The folly is notable for being the only such column with an internal spiral staircase allowing remarkable views of the surrounding countryside from the top. In 1994 it was struck by lightning and the top section so badly damaged that collapse seemed inevitable. Ten years later, following the establishment of a charitable trust devoted to its restoration and financial aid from a number of sources, work ensuring the column’s future was complete and it remains solid to the present day.

5 comments on “Hard to Miss

  1. Now maintained by An Taisce I believe? But I am not sure if it is open for the public to access the internal staircase?

  2. James Canning says:


  3. Never knew this had an internal staircase, is access possible?

  4. Edward Maxwell says:

    The old Nelson’s Pillar had an internal staircase leading to a viewing platform. The money raised from admission charges went towards the maintenance of the Pillar, I believe. Perhaps this idea could be used to raise some money in the summer months.

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