Just Perfection

The entrance front of Castle Coole, County Fermanagh. The house was designed by James Wyatt, who took over from Richard Johnston (brother of the better-known Francis Johnston), and built between 1789 and 1798 at a cost of £57,000 for Armar Lowry-Corry, first Earl of Belmore. Wyatt never visited the site, but sent over a number of craftsmen from London to supervise the building work, not least the neo-classical exteriors clad in Portland stone (the garden façade is below). Ownership of the property was transferred to the National Trust in 1951.

3 comments on “Just Perfection

  1. john belmore says:

    pity about the cars though ………….. there are much better images of the house.
    7/10 for effort………

  2. Julian Humphreys says:

    The little cars give a sense of scale to the scene and enhance the grandeur of the house.

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