Looking Back, Looking Forward

The light of evening snakes its way through successive doors in the lower yard at Ardbraccan, County Meath. And so 2018 comes to a close. But soon dawn will break and a new year make its debut. The Irish Aesthete wishes all friends and followers the very best fortune for 2019.

9 comments on “Looking Back, Looking Forward

  1. john logan says:

    Powerful images of the openings at Arbraccan; all the very best for 2019. Click!

  2. John Foster says:

    Thank you for all of your posts – I am looking forward to more next year.

  3. Maureen Dunne says:

    All best wishes for 2019.. Thanks for all the wonderful architectural insights over 2018. Wonderful image of Ardbracan to close off the old and welcome the new.

  4. Hibernophile says:

    Dear Robert,

    Sincere thanks for continuing your appraisal of Ireland’s built heritage. Each article you produce is meticulously well researched, yet presented in a thoroughly engaging way. You have continued to demonstrate that your intellect is equal to your task. Unlike others, your blog never deviates from its raison d’etre. There is a danger that followers continuing to bestow compliments would produce a degree of complacency; thankfully, with The Irish Aesthete this has not been the case.

    I wish you a prosperous and prodigious 2019, and very much look forward to be continually enlightened in the year ahead.

    With every good wish,


  5. Dougal Paver says:

    Very best wishes to the Aesthete from the Pavers of Liverpool. Thanks for another year of great writing, insight and opinion – hugely appreciated here on the Celtic fringe.

  6. Jean says:

    Happy new year, Robert.

    Jean McNelis


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  7. Edward Maxwell says:

    All Best Wishes for 2019. Thank you for some many interesting posts in the past year.

  8. Edward Maxwell says:

    Sorry! That should be ‘SO many’ not ‘some many’

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