The Miniature Fort

Looking like a miniature fort, this is the former gatelodge to Belmount, County Cork which sits across a bridge spanning a tributary of the river Bride. The main part of the building rises three storeys, with two-storey castellated extensions to the rear running along the waterfront. Above the entrance are the remains of an Oriel window, a finial over that bearing the date 1837: sadly now roofless, there are only traces remaining of how the interior once looked.

3 comments on “The Miniature Fort

  1. Simon Walker says:

    Worth restoring.

  2. Eileen Shanahan says:

    I remember when the gatekeeper lived here with his family early 1970. The gentleman in the main house willed his estate to the gatekeeper who moved into the main house with his family. A lot of time, money and energy was spent about 15 years ago restoring the stone built entrance walls. I thought that it was a waste of resources as that money should have been spent keeping the roof on the lodge which was still intact. Possibly the cost of erecting scaffolding down into the river was exhorbitant. Well spotted and a unique property.

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