An Architect Visits

The façade of Slane Castle, County Meath. This dates from c.1785 for William Burton Conyngham who four years earlier had inherited the estate from a childless uncle. In 1773 and 1775 the latter had asked English architect James Wyatt to come up with designs to replace an old house on the site but nothing came of these. Only after Burton Conyngham came into possession of the place were Wyatt’s proposals realised (James Gandon having previously been consulted). Writing in 1820 Francis Johnston (who later worked on the house’s interiors), Wyatt visited Slane in 1785 ‘for that purpose.’ If this is so, it was the only time he actually came to Ireland, despite having many clients here.

3 comments on “An Architect Visits

  1. Hibernophile says:

    Wyatt is surley not Slanes most illustrious visitor: what of Dylan, Springsteen, Bowie, Williams et al?

  2. claudius1889 says:

    What an awful building! Just two cubes of stone, no imagination whatsoever. It seems almost incredible that something like this could have been built in the XVIIIth century where good taste was paramount.

  3. This is so well written, and so wonderful.

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