Reeking of History

With a backdrop of the McGillycuddy Reeks, evening light shines on what remains of Castle Corr (Cáisleán an Chórraig, the castle of the Marsh), County Kerry. This tower house was built in the middle of the 15th century by the McGillycuddys and, despite the family remaining Roman Catholic and backing James II in the Williamite Wars, they managed to retain the property. Badly damaged during the Confederate Wars of the 1640s, the building was subsequently restored and continued to serve as a residence until the mid-18th century when nearby Churchtown was built. It is said that the latter’s basement storey was constructed of stone taken from Castle Corr, which has long lost its southern side. What survives today stands somewhat incongruously in the middle of a golf course.

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  1. Maria Walsh says:

    fabulous photography! Just to let you know there will be an exhibition dedicated to the Malcomson familly of Clonmel, Portlaw, Waterford and Dunmore East in the Fishermens Hall Dunmore East from Tuesday 23rd. July. For the first time the family portraits will be on display together in one place. In addition there will be a photographic exhibition o the built environment that they created such as the big houses they built during the mid 19th century. All are welcome and entrance is free.

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