Seven Years On

This week marks the seventh birthday of the Irish Aesthete, a somewhat surprising event. Nobody who begins such an enterprise imagines what its future might be like, or indeed how long it will continue. Somehow, this one has continued without interruption and thrice weekly since being started, almost on a whim, in September 2012. Since then it has ventured throughout the country and – thankfully – there remains an abundance of material (albeit in varying states of repair) for consideration.

Nevertheless, no such site can survive without support: there is little purpose in being a voice crying in the wilderness. So, as on previous occasions, sincerest thanks to everyone who has taken the trouble to be interested in what appears here. Your engagement and commitment makes the enterprise worthwhile. Here are seven views of the gardens at Glin Castle, County Limerick, home of the late Knight of Glin who died eight years ago this month but who during his lifetime did so much to ensure the survival of Ireland’s architectural heritage.

30 comments on “Seven Years On

  1. Many thanks for your inspirational postings. Thoroughly enjoyed.

  2. Jack Plane says:

    Congratulations and thank you for your endeavours.

  3. catemogs says:

    Congratulations on your anniversary, an amazing achievement!…bittersweet as many of your reflections show the wealth of architecture which remains teetering on the brink of extinction. I look forward to reading it every day (my husband thinks I’m mad!) Thank you for this invaluable recording. 😊

  4. Anna Sage says:

    Happy birthday really enjoy your posts

  5. modea says:

    Happy Birthday, dear Aesthete. There’s scarcely an article that I haven’t read (and learnt from) since I signed up. Thank you. Ad multos annos!

  6. Wonderful work as always.

  7. Monica Gumbrielle says:

    Thank you Robert…a constant wonder..

  8. Hils says:

    Congratulations. Long live the Irish Aesthete!

  9. Larry says:

    Happy anniversary. Thank you for such an interesting blog, Ienjoy your good work. Larry

  10. Congratulations on on your seven years. I itch for each week for your upcoming posts.

  11. liamóhé says:

    And many years of happy reading. Go raibh maith agat agus connigh de mhisneach. Can see through my own research (inspired by yours) that people are getting more and more involved in design and heritage.

  12. Emma Richey says:

    I so look forward to your posts, as being ‘across the water’ it is a link to what I love about Ireland and our heritage, beautifully photographed and written. Happy anniversary. I can’t believe it is 8 years since the Knight of Glin died. I have happy memories of a wonderful weekend at Glin.

  13. Carmel Foley says:

    Happy Birthday, here’s to many more fascinating years.

  14. Patrick says:

    Congratulations Robert , your blog is as interesting for its historical content as for its constant reminder of the haunting fragility of life, it’s empires and shattered dreams .

  15. David O'Daly says:

    Happy Birthday ! Keep up the great work you are doing, I always look forward to your posts which are interesting, informative and sometimes, sadly a reflection on how badly we treat the beauty that surrounds us.

  16. Maureen says:

    Congratulations on your 7th anniversary! You have been a wealth of information for this first generation Irish American. Keep going on as they say!

  17. Ciaran says:

    Congratulations on your anniversary, you have been a lifeline and inspiration to us here in Australia . You have alerted us how fragile and tenuous our built heritage can be , and I constantly campaign and defend our comparatively brief built heritage ( despite 65 k year continuous aboriginal heritage). I am currently back in Ireland and saddened by the loss of so many familiar buildings in our estates , cities and towns . BUT Iam encouraged to encounter many people ( not least by your efforts ) have an awareness and activism and appreciation and determination to advocate on behalf of the built heritage of this country . KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK .

  18. Excellent work and a valuable gift to your readers!

  19. John Cowperthwaite says:

    I join the crowd from across the water and offer my sincere congratulations . You continuously submit an insight to one’s family’s history while driving me to seek deeper into all aspects of Irish life as it was, or must have been. Be well.

  20. Kriss Galloway says:

    Mazel Tov, Robert, on The Irish Aesthete’s 7th anniversary! I so look forward to reading your column – I savor it while sipping my morning coffee! Your articles fill me with wanderlust to visit the Old Country. Someday soon, I hope!

  21. Congratulations on reaching your seventh anniversary. You’re my ‘go to’ blog of choice for Irish architectural heritage – often depressing but always illuminating!

  22. Marion Gay says:

    The Irish Aesthete has brought much needed attention to Ireland’s rich and fragile heritage and has been an inspiration to so many. Thank you for your devotion to the cause!

  23. James Canning says:

    Great work, and highly valuable

  24. Finola says:

    Happy anniversary, Robert, and many congratulations on your always-excellent posts. They have been and continue to be a great source of inspiration and information.

  25. Happy Anniversary! Your blog is a reminder of the richness of our Irish heritage.

  26. Julian Humphreys says:

    A marvellous blog, hugely appreciated.

  27. Kelly says:

    Congratulations! I so look forward to opening your emails, the photography and stories are such a joy to me! Sometimes I save several to binge read while my hubby watches football. I do hope you continue for many more years to come.

  28. Barbara Corr says:

    Congratulations Robert on your seventh anniversary. I love reading your informative and quirky posts and seeing the poignant photographs of what yet remains of our beautiful country. Thanks to you -and others like you- it is not yet buried under a sea of tarmacadam.

  29. Hibernophile says:


    May I add my warmest congratulations to the many approving comments above, your persistence and perseverance with this endeavor is most admirable.

    We all must also remember that, although you are a gentleman of not inconsiderable means, you carry out all travel & research at your own expense without any obvious patronage; a most noble procurement indeed.

    Other members of my ‘blog roll’ have recently found the need to repose, and take a break from writing, which is regrettable for readers but completely understandable. The fact that you have continued these seven years with total lack of protest it testament to your characteristic fortitude and assiduous labour.

    Bene factum,


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