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Due to be officially launched tomorrow, Paddy Rossmore: Photographs is a collection of images of Irish buildings taken over half a century ago. For several years in the 1960s, Paddy journeyed around the country, often in the company of Mariga Guinness and the Knight of Glin, exploring our architectural heritage and recording buildings which, sadly too often, have subsequently been lost. Although not a professional photographer, he had an intuitive eye (and excellent travelling companions) and soon discovered a natural talent for composition. Only a handful of his pictures have ever been published (some in Country Life) and I am very happy to have collaborated with Paddy in producing a representative collection of the work. While the majority of the houses included still stand, and a few have even been restored, others – as mentioned – are no more. Below is a representative example of the latter category, Kenure Park, County Dublin which other than its monumental portico was demolished in 1978.

Paddy Rossmore: Photographs is published by Lilliput Press and is available from all good bookshops (and online from, price €25.00

4 comments on “Hot Off the Presses

  1. Melissa O’ says:

    Looks like a treasure chest of photos. And just in time for Christmas…

  2. deb Sena says:

    Nice looking book, but am currently working on my Irish literary collection, any one know an Irish bookshop that may have The Real Charlotte?

    By the way, a nice website with the genealogy of the Palmers and pic of the original exterior, and now remaining portico of Kenure Park.

  3. William Cumming says:

    I would check Charlie Byrne’s in Galway.

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