A Stage Set

The Village at Lyons, County Kildare is often described as a restoration but to be frank it is more a recreation. By the time the late Tony Ryan bought the estate in 1996, the buildings beside the Grand Canal, which had once included a forge, mill and dwelling houses, were in a state of almost total ruin. Therefore the work undertaken here in the years prior to his death in 2007 involved a great deal of architectural salvage, much of it brought from France, although some Irish elements were incorporated such as a mid-19th century conservatory designed by Richard Turner, originally constructed for Ballynegall, County Westmeath. Today the place primarily operates as a wedding venue, providing an alluring stage set for photographs but bearing little resemblance to what originally stood here.

2 comments on “A Stage Set

  1. Kenneth Mitchell says:

    also well overpriced! I once got lobster there ( and paid the expected premium). It turned out to be crayfish. When i complained, i was told it was “freshwater” lobster (aka crayfish), chancers!

  2. Maria Walsh says:

    AT LAST THE TRUTH! I have wondered about the provenance and history o this place.

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