Unfortunate Additions

A gate lodge at the entrance to the former Castle Morres estate in County Kilkenny. The main house here, built for the de Montmorency family, dated from the mid-18th century, its design attributed to Francis Bindon: the remains of the building were demolished in 1978. This lodge was constructed later, at some point in the second quarter of the 19th century and is presumed to have been the work of Daniel Robertson.

The purity of the building’s cut-limestone Temple pedimented portico façade is rather marred by the later addition of an attic storey, and even more by the rather lumpen extension to one side. Even so, one can still gain an idea of the building’s original appearance (and adjuncts can always be reversed).

3 comments on “Unfortunate Additions

  1. Martin Clarke says:

    I expect the Irish Aesthete will be familiar with this, but for wider reference on the Morres/Mariscos and Montmorencys have a look at this fascinating work on Google Books, “Genealogical memoir of the family of Montmorency, styled De Marisco or Morres”, published in 1818.

    • Thanks for this. Yes indeed, it’s most interesting (as are all those 19th century genealogical works, not always completely accurate but often containing family anecdotes and history that would otherwise not have survived…)

  2. Stephen William Barker says:

    It looks like the change to the roof was inspired by the painting. American Gothic.

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