School’s Out (Again)

The former National School in Ardlow, County Cavan. A single-storey, three-bay building, it carries a plaque on the exterior advising date of construction was 1897. As is usually the case, the interior features two large rooms, one for boys, the other for girls, and the remains of a wall to the rear indicate the yard behind was likewise divided. Now empty and losing slates from the roof, so liable to fall into ruin before too long.

4 comments on “School’s Out (Again)

  1. matthias carolan says:

    this is the old school my father went to over a hundred years ago
    i am glad its still standing.

  2. Deb T. Sena says:

    As I read this entry and the last (Barracks), it all comes down to how they can be used. They can’t all be museums (or resorts/wedding venues with golf courses). I like it when you also feature success stories to inspire people to try. Just came across one in dire need- Duleek House in Abbeylands, Duleek Meath. They just dropped the price $470k Euros to 330k Euros! Admittedly it needs a lot of restoration but looks like it could be a gem. anyone know its history?

    • deb t sena says:

      Sorry, you have posted about Duleek. I should have searched your site or searched online before my comments. Don’t know how I missed that posting since I read yours everyday. Still, the price drop may make it a ‘steal’?

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