For Your Viewing Pleasure

The Irish Aesthete finally discovers YouTube. Discussing the history of Mount Shannon, County Limerick he can now be found at
Part 2 to follow later in the week, and further short films in due course…

15 comments on “For Your Viewing Pleasure

  1. Alister McReynolds says:

    Lovely piece—a Youtube vignette—I look forward to future films.

  2. Mr S J Toone says:

    Marvelous. I look forward to seeing more

  3. Jane Massy says:

    Terrific – so clear and full of interest. A joy to watch and look forward to more.

  4. john logan says:

    Once again, the Irish Aesthete surprises and cheers the start of another day. Many thanks,

  5. Francis FitzGibbon says:

    Great stuff. Looking forward to the next one.

  6. Lawrence Byrne says:

    Robert thanks for your good work at this time. Really appreciate the lift you give me. Lawrence

  7. Seamus Condon says:

    I often wondered what was done with the coffins which were interred in what I think was an icehouse at one stage, situated at the rear of the mansion.

  8. Toby Cole says:

    Very nice! The sound could be better though.

  9. fitzfitz says:

    … this is a major step forward and a welcome, short, economically written video on a shut-in morning …

  10. Michael Sheahan says:

    Thank you, always looked forward to your posts.
    Even more so, now.

  11. Marion says:

    Loved the dead cats! What a tale…cannot wait for Part 2

  12. Kathy Gilfillan says:

    Just rescued this from the Junk File. My computer did not know that Robert Talks!
    Loved it.

  13. Emma Richey says:

    Thank you, that was fabulous.

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