Lovey Dovey

The three-storey, octagonal dovecote at Mosstown, County Longford. Believed to date from the mid-18th century, it once stood inside the walled garden of Mosstown, an estate that for a long period belonged to the Newcomen baronets. At some date in the 17th century they built Mosstown, a long house of at least 11 bays and two-storeys with dormered attics and double gables. It passed into other hands in the 19th century but was still occupied until the 1930s, after which the property stood empty until regrettably demolished in 1962. Now sharing a field with a number of horses, this dovecote is one of the few remaining buildings to recall the estate’s existence. The two upper levels, with blind round-headed openings on the first floor and blind oculi on the second, had an interior housing pigeons but the ground floor is a single open space with handsome domed brick ceiling.

2 comments on “Lovey Dovey

  1. Vincent Delany says:

    It was a disgrace that Mosstown was demolished- the 17th century houses of Ireland are relatively rare- and should be cherished. many were modernised in the 18th cent and again in the 19th century if the family had enough money. But Mosstown was never reconfigured.

  2. Finola says:

    So few of these lovely dovecotes around. The weather vane is wonderful!

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