Another Unhappy Fate

Following Monday’s piece on Mount Talbot, County Roscommon, here is the church where the Talbot family used to worship, and in the grounds of which they were buried. The building dates from 1766 and like the nearby house must originally have been classical in form, as indicated by the great three-stage tower at the west end which has a large niche on the lowest level. It would appear that at some date in the 19th century, perhaps when work was being undertaken at the main house, the church was similarly Gothicised, since the east end was given a tripartite window with pointed arches and the three windows along the south wall were similarly altered. Having closed for services in the 1960s, the building fell into ruin but a number of years ago restoration work began on the site, including the installation of a new roof. This job now seems to have stalled and soon church and house may look much like each other.

3 comments on “Another Unhappy Fate

  1. Derek O'Neill says:

    Looks dry roof seems good should be ok for a while.

  2. Cian G says:

    Any idea who owns the church? If a non profit surely fundraising could retain it.

    • Thank you for your message. Alas I don’t know who owns the church and indeed who/what group undertook the work on the site that now seems to have been abandoned. Should anyone reading this have more information, it would be great to receive it…

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