Another Souvenir

Monday’s post about the former house at Clonalis, County Roscommon included a photograph of the building when still intact. That image showed much of the facade covered in ivy, but another, and clearer, picture has now been found which shows the same view with much less vegetation. What’s especially interesting is that above each of the windows and niches on ground and first floors there was a carved stone mask. Thankfully, some of these were salvaged and are now kept in the new Clonalis but they are a curious feature. The only other example of this kind of external decoration that comes to mind are the masks above the windows on the central section of the entrance front at Gloster, County Offaly, which also dates from the early 18th century. Does anyone know of other instances?

7 comments on “Another Souvenir

  1. Vincent Coleman says:

    Clonfert..lots of them above the door…sorry Robert

  2. Andrew McCarthy says:

    A carved stone mask was on the keystone of a niche edged with a Gibbs-surround, adorning the front steps at basement level at Desart Court, Co. Kilkenny, according to Sadleir & Dickinson’s 1916 Georgian Mansions in Ireland.

  3. Emma Richey says:

    fascinating and a lovely old house. I especially like the 15 pane sash windows.

  4. Simon Walker says:

    There are 14 carved stone masks on the facade of Hillsborough Fort, county Down. They were carved about 1760.

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