Blowing in the Wind II

Further to a recent account of Killoran House, County Tipperary, ( here is another building that was once part of the same estate. On raised ground several hundred yards from, but within sight of the main dwelling, stands this round tower commanding a fine prospect of the surrounding countryside (although, alas, today this mostly encompasses a forest of wind turbines).

Rising three storeys to a castellated turret, Killoran Tower is believed to date from the 1860s and would therefore have been constructed by the estate’s then-owner Solomon Lalor Cambie. The interior divisions are long gone, but originally the ground floor would have been accessed from a doorway, while those above were reached after ascending a flight of stone steps; presumably there was a viewing platform at the top. Built of roughly-dressed rubble limestone, it is a sturdy structure and could well be restored as a holiday home, although, as with Killoran House, the proximity of turbines is likely to act as a deterrent for anyone who might think of such an undertaking.

3 comments on “Blowing in the Wind II

  1. Bob says:

    I guess that the tower features in the 2001 local history publication ‘A Life of its own : Moyne-Templetuohy, the story of a Tipperary Parish / general editor William J. Hayes – 4 volumes’. This set I’ve longed for but generally at +/- €500 secondhand it’s rather dear.

  2. Deborah Sena says:

    Was wondering about this tower and if you had seen it as I read about it’s existence. Glad to see it is in relatively good shape. When a corporation does this type of development which makes the historical site basically unattractive for other use, there should be a set aside/% of profits or some funds to maintain it as part of the deal. By separating out the buildings from the wind farm sale, it actually accelerated its fate.

  3. Emma Richey says:

    I Have left a more in depth comment on the page about the house with regard to wind farms. It is tragic what is happening all over Ireland, people being forced out of their homes because of the noise and health issues as well as ruining vast tracts of countryside. Also see recent press coverage of the bog in Donegal which slipped down the hill into the river, killing all the fish. It was disturbed by a wind farm developer. It is good to see this tower is in good condition but I fear that the wind farms will have destroyed any future for the house.

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