Universally Lamented

After Wednesday’s post about the Denis Kelly’s round tower at Killeroran, County Galway, it is worth pointing out that at the opposite end of the graveyard stands his the former mausoleum of the family which used to occupy the now-demolished Castle Kelly. On one side of the entrance is a handsome tombstone, erected to the memory of John Kelly who was interred here in March 1813. As was ever the case, his death is recorded as being ‘universally lamented.’

3 comments on “Universally Lamented

  1. Patrick says:

    The script is masterpiece in stone carving .

  2. Emma Richey says:

    There is a Kelly tomb in the graveyard at Kilcommin, Lecarrow. Would this be the same family?

  3. Kim says:

    My great grandparents are buried just steps away from this. He was a shepherd. How would it be that a villager could be buried there? Are there records of who is in these old graveyards?

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