What Future?

‘There is also a convent for nuns of the Carmelite order, founded about the year 1680, and removed to its present site in 1829, when the building, including a chapel, was erected, under the direction of the prior of the abbey at a cost of £5,000, defrayed from the funds of the nunnery.’ (Slater’s National Commercial Directory of Ireland, 1846) Here is the former Carmelite convent in Loughrea, County Galway, built adjacent to the remains of an earlier religious foundation dating from 1300 when Carmelite friars settled on the site. It’s curious to see how, when the convent was built on what was then the outskirts of town, the style chosen by an unknown architect was that of a country house, of two storeys and five bays, the two outer ones projecting slightly forward and marked by prominent quoins. And the groundfloor entrance is distinguished by a handsome carved limestone doorcase, with sidelights and a plaque containing a crest above. The impression of a country house is somewhat spoiled by a large array of other structures subsequently added, indicative of what would eventually prove to be a misplaced confidence in the long-term future of the order here: six months ago, the five remaining Carmelite nuns left the property. What now is to be the fate of this building and its immediate neighbours? 


2 comments on “What Future?

  1. Bob F says:

    Another B & B? Conversion to apartments? Allowed to decay, be vandalised and demolished? Horrid plastic replacement windows.Those in the outer bays are a reminder that under Window Tax individual windows were ,taxed as a single window provided the pillars between them were less than 12 inches wide. I wonder why no chimneys are visible?

  2. Ray says:

    A public service blended working hub? I see in the tribune Loughrea didnt apply for enough funding for restoration of another old building in the town!

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