Differing Fates I

The two-storey gatehouse which formerly provided the main entrance to the Rockingham estate in County Roscommon; this building, like most of the others here, was commissioned by Robert King, first Viscount Lorton from architect John Nash. The gatehouse, however, is not in the classical idiom employed elsewhere at Rockingham but instead is an exercise in Tudorbethan Gothic with a crenellated parapet and pointed-arch windows, sandstone used for the main body of the building and limestone for the dressings. For the past half century this part of the former estate has been in public ownership, jointly managed by the local authority and Coillte. It might therefore have been thought that the historic buildings under their care would be decently maintained, but instead the gatelodge, under which many visitors pass as they arrive at the site, has been allowed to fall into neglect; hardly an impressive introduction to the place. Instead of being left in its present condition, the building ought to be restored, and could repay investment by being offered for holiday lets.

6 comments on “Differing Fates I

  1. Mairead Byrne says:

    Inexplicable that we cannot maintain these beautiful buildings. You are absolutely correct in pointing out that it would make a lovely holiday let.Shame on Coillte…

  2. David Parks says:

    Disgraceful but not in the least surprising. Those in authority will wait until the gate lodge reaches a state where thousands will need to be spent on it instead of carrying routine basic maintenance.

  3. jbc625@msn.com says:

    I agree entirely. I had a look around here a few years back.

  4. Irene Wynne says:

    Very impressive – people would jump at the chance of staying there.

  5. A stunning lodge on a beautiful estate. Read about Rockingham in LTC Rolt’s Green and Silver.
    A book well worth a look.

  6. Karen Healy says:

    Totally agree, have highlighted it to many in authority in the town since moving here….

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